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Working with children each and every day, developing them into strong leaders and focused martial artists, martial arts Instructors have a first-hand experience with child development. Read about parenting tactics from the perspective of martial arts, learning how to correct bad behavior and give your child the tools for success.

The Killer of Goals is Fear

The other day a parent approached me about their child.  He had been struggling with a particular aspect of getting his stripes in time for testing for his next belt.  She was worried that he wasn’t going to be ready and, fearing that he might get disappointed, would...

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“Are you still proud of me?”

(Reposted from Master Perdue of Westerville OH) “Tori Perdue! Third attempt, sir!”, the judge yelled. For me, the testing stopped and the world started to move in slow motion. I may be the chief instructor and I may have to run the testing, but first and foremost I am...

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Not Yet

I had a student struggling with earning a stripe the other day, which reminded me about why I do the things I do. In this particular case, a teenage student was wanting to test for a stripe. Part of the requirement was for the student to write down several...

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