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Rank Testing

August 6 | Concord Taekwondo

Eligible students can test for their next belt at our upcoming rank testing. 

White – Orange Sr. Belts

Saturday:  10:00am

Testing for this group will start promptly at the scheduled time.
Please arrive 15 minutes early for testing and in your Full white uniform.

Green – Black Belts

Saturday 11:00am

Testing for this group of students will start promptly at the scheduled time. Be sure to bring your sparring gear. Also, please arrive 15 minutes early for testing and in your full white uniform.

Little Samurai Testing

The Friday before at 4:30 PM
at Concord Taekwondo

Testing for Little Samurai students (Ages 4-5) will occur during their normal class time on that Friday. Please arrive on time and in full white uniform.


Monday – Wednesday following Rank Test

“Check our facebook page for info for upcoming events!”

Little Samurai Testing

The Friday before, 4:30 PM

Rank Testing

1st Saturday of Feb, Apr, Jun, Aug, Oct, Dec

(tentative schedule)

10:00 AM | White – Orange Sr.
11:00 AM | Green – Black

Awards Ceremony

Wednesday following Saturday’s Rank Test
6:00 PM

Full white uniform.
Bring your family!

Deadline to sign up








National Taekwondo Tournament

Date: 17 September, 2022

Tournament Address:
IN-PERSON | Winston-Salem NC


Deadline to sign up








Closed for thanksgiving

When’s the next Taekwondo America National Tournament?

National Tournament | Benton Convention Center

September, 2022


301 W. 5th St. Winston-Salem, NC 27101

info at

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For the parents

Mrs. Jenny Lacy, Chief Instructor & Owner, 7th Degree Black Belt After sitting and watching her husband for countless classes, Mrs. Lacy, currently the chief instructor at the Valley Ranch location, attended her first class in 1985.  Within the first month of her...

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Student Handbook


Little Samurai Student Handbook


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Class Schedule


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(Updated 08/12/2021)

Little Samurai Class


  • MON  |   4:30 PM
  • WED  |   4:30 PM
  • FRI     |   4:30 PM

Kids Classes

 Junior Beginners

White belt – Sr. Orange belt

  • MON  |   5:00 PM
  • TUE   |   5:30 PM
  • WED  |   5:00 PM
  • THU  |   5:30 PM
  • FRI     |   5:00 PM


Junior Intermediate

Green belt – Blue belt

  • MON  |   5:30 PM
  • TUE   |   5:00 PM
  • WED  |   5:30 PM
  • THU  |   5:00 PM
  • FRI    |   5:30 PM


Junior Advanced

Brown belt – Black belt


  • MON  |   6:00 PM
  • TUE   |   5:00 PM
  • WED  |   6:00 PM
  • THU  |   5:00 PM & 6:30pm
  • FRI    |   6:00 PM

Adult Classes

Adult Beginners

White belt – Sr. Orange belt

  • MON  |   6:30 PM
  • WED  |   6:30 PM
  • FRI     |   6:30 PM


Adult Intermediate / Advanced

Green belt – Black belt


  • MON  |   7:15 PM
  • TUE   |   7:15 PM
  • WED  |  7:15 PM
  • THU   |  6:30pm & 7:15 PM
  • FRI     |  7:15 PM


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