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Rank Test

February 3 | Concord Taekwondo

Our RANK TESTS are scheduled for the 1st Saturday of the even months. 

(Feb, Apr, Jun, Aug, Oct, Dec)

Eligible students can test for their next belt at our upcoming rank test.

Next Rank Test









Monday – Wednesday following Rank Test

“Check our facebook page  and this page for info for upcoming events!”

Little Samurai Rank Test

The Friday before, 4:30 PM









Awards Ceremony

Wednesday following Saturday’s Rank Test
6:00 PM

Full white uniform.
Bring your family!

White – Orange Sr. Belts

Saturday:  10:00am

Testing for this group will start promptly at the scheduled time.
Please arrive 15 minutes early for testing and in your Full white uniform.

Green – Black Belts

Saturday 11:00am

Testing for this group of students will start promptly at the scheduled time. Be sure to bring your sparring gear. Also, please arrive 15 minutes early for testing and in your full white uniform.

Little Samurai Rank Test

The Friday before at 4:30 PM
at Concord Taekwondo

Testing for Little Samurai students (Ages 4-5) will occur during their normal class time on that Friday. Please arrive on time and in full white uniform.

NinjaTrix Testing

Saturday,  Apr 22
Registration has already started!

Use the link below to register

Hoodie order

Order your [Samurai Strong] hoodie using the link below:

Regional Taekwondo Tournament

Date:  March, 2024

Tournament Address:


National Taekwondo Tournament

Date: January 26 & 27, 2024

Tournament Address:

Cincinnati Marriott at Rivercenter
10 West RiverCenter Boulevard | Covington KY


Deadline to sign up








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For the parents

Mrs. Jenny Lacy, Chief Instructor & Owner, 7th Degree Black Belt After sitting and watching her husband for countless classes, Mrs. Lacy, currently the chief instructor at the Valley Ranch location, attended her first class in 1985.  Within the first month of her...

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Class Schedule

Class Times

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(Updated 06/01/2022)

Little Samurai Class


  • MON  |   4:30 PM
  • WED  |   4:30 PM
  • FRI     |   4:30 PM

Kids Classes

 Junior Beginners

White belt – Sr. Orange belt

  • MON  |   5:00 PM
  • TUE   |   5:30 PM
  • WED  |   5:00 PM
  • THU  |   5:30 PM
  • FRI     |   5:00 PM


Junior Intermediate

Green belt – Blue belt

  • MON  |   5:30 PM
  • TUE   |   5:00 PM
  • WED  |   5:30 PM
  • THU  |   5:00 PM
  • FRI    |   5:30 PM


Junior Advanced

Brown belt – Black belt


  • MON  |   6:00 PM
  • TUE   |   5:00 PM
  • WED  |   6:00 PM
  • THU  |   5:00 PM & 6:30pm
  • FRI    |   6:00 PM

Adult Classes

Adult Beginners

White belt – Sr. Orange belt

  • MON  |   6:30 PM
  • WED  |   6:30 PM
  • FRI     |   6:30 PM


Adult Intermediate / Advanced

Green belt – Black belt


  • MON  |   7:15 PM
  • TUE   |   7:15 PM
  • WED  |  7:15 PM
  • THU   |  6:30pm & 7:15 PM
  • FRI     |  7:15 PM


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Daniel Fortier
Daniel Fortier

left us a 5 star review

Just as magnificent as I remember... My brother was a member of Concord TKD many years ago, and I only just recently joined myself. Engaging training sessions throughout the week are taught by well-versed and friendly instructors. There is always a goal to improve, no matter where you are physically, with consideration given by the instructors to never work you beyond your limits. The facility is clean and the sign-up process is hassle-free. I highly recommend Concord TKD for the excellent martial arts education it offers in a welcoming community anyone can find their place in!

My daughter and I totally enjoy Taekwondo classes! The trainers, front desk and Mr.Baxter are all amazing! In addition to the classes this feels more like family. My daughter is learning so many defense mechanism and discipline as well. I am truly thankful to have found Concord Taekwondo America! My daughter looks forward to being an instructor some day! How exciting!

I love Concord Taekwondo America! All the instructors have the patience of a saint working with young kids! I’m thankful for this program!

Great people, truly care about the students and take pride in what they do.

I have had a relationship with Concord TaeKwonDo America for the past 22 years. I have gained invaluable self defense and empowerment skills. Come try it out.....and you too may find a new sport that provides you a lifelong outlet for fitness.

We love Concord TKD! My son’s instructor is so wonderful with the kids and he has learned a lot and really enjoys it.

Our son is 6 and all of the instructors take a lot of patience and time to ensure the little ones have a good class each week. I've recommended Concord Taekwando to several other parents. Classes for the beginners are every night so chosing one easily fits into your schedule. All staff is helpful and approachable and it has been an overall excellent experince.

The teachers at Concord TKD are top-notch. This is a great school for children and adults alike. They nurture confidence in their students while also providing an appropriately challenging curriculum.

If you are looking for a martial arts school with instructors that care about you and your progress, I highly recommend Concord Taekwondo! I started Taekwondo here in the summer of 2018 and I have shown so much personal growth since then. I've become happier, and my social skills have improved. The instructors are so friendly and supportive of everyone who walks through the door. I feel like I'm part of a big family! I am really enjoying my time here at Concord Taekwondo.

Great place, all the instructors have done really well with our kids

My 2 sons and my daughter absolutely love it here!

I go here! I've been here for 7 years, the instructors are amazing with everyone. They even stay back to help whoever wants and needs it.

This is a great place where children can learn Taekwando and good life skills. The instructors have infinite patience and are so good with the children.

I am 48 and just started back after many years off. These sessions are a great workout. Mr Baxter and all of the other instructors take their time to teach you as an individual and not just another student in the class.

I've been going to classes at Concord Taekwondo America for almost 2 years now. They are professional and strive for excellence. The instructors are always encouraging and helpful. I recommend them to anyone I know who might want to improve their physical activity level and do something rewarding and fun!

Great place, I highly recommend!! Staff are friendly, and always there if you need help. People of all ages and exspirience are welcome; they are patient, and kind if you make a mistake. The facility is clean, and everything is kept in order. I've really enjoyed my time here. 👍👍

This place is amazing so is the teachers it has helped my daughter and my son so much and has me and my husband as we do it as a family we highly recommend this place to any one .

I can't say enough great things about this place. My 5yr old Daughter, formerly shy, continues to progress in her overall confidence. She loves going to martial arts classes! The Instructors are thorough & attentive with all the Students. The Families are inviting and the atmosphere is supportive of every Kid to excel. I highly recommend scheduling a consultation with Mr. Baxter & his Team to discuss enrollment for You & Your entire Family!!

My son has thrived at Mr.Baxter’s school! He started at 6 year old. He will soon be achieving his first degree black belt as a disciplined, fit, and dedicated nine year old. Wonderful facility, caring and well trained staff, no contracts, flexible class schedules, and optional National and Regional tournaments.

Amazing, patient, and knowledgeable instructors. They are passionate about teaching and helping kids learn all their techniques to succeed with every color belt their earn. But it isn’t just about learning also learn confidence, disciple, focus and so much more! The classes are engaging and fun. It has been great for my son to be able to participate and continue learning with their online class options this year. I highly recommend this school for all ages!

Awesome staff and atmosphere, instructors are great with the kids. My baby looks forward to coming to class.The location is always neat and clean. Mr. Baxter is a great 👍 👌 person to do business with.

Very knowledgeable instructors. And very patient. I would highly recommend.

We started our 5, almost 6, year old son at Concord Taekwondo about 3 months ago and can’t say enough good things about it. We wanted him in an environment where he could have fun, but also and most importantly, we wanted a boost in his self-confidence. In just 3 short months, he is now bursting with pride and self-confidence! That’s just the top of the iceberg, though, as we’ve also noticed a positive change in behavior and increased attention span! All of these things make for one happy mom! Definitely money well spent! Thank you, Concord Taekwondo!

Choosing Concord TKD for our daughter has been one of the best decisions we've made. The moment we walked through the doors we felt welcomed and the atmosphere was that of a close knit family. All the instructors do an outstanding job teaching and working with children. They not only teach but lead by example, which is awesome! I would recommend Concord Taekwondo America to anyone, of any age who is looking to be trained in the field of martial arts!

Sabom Baxter has to be one of the most engaging and encouraging teacher I have met, more encouraging than some parents than I know. I am thankful for his heart, and passion he gives the kids at Concord Taekwondo.

Mr. Baxter and his team of instructors are the best! Their teaching style helps to challenge students of all ages mentally as well as physically, all while letting them advance at their own pace and have fun! Their facility is always clean and the staff are always friendly. I would highly recommend to anyone who would like to learn self defense, or anyone just looking for a fun way to get some exercise.

We could not be any happier with our experience here. Great people, great atmosphere.

I am a student at Concord Taekwondo, and have been enjoying every minute of it. Nice atmosphere, kind and disciplined environment. Detailed and thorough guidance. Works well for kids and for older folks like myself. What I like the most is that it is not a "mac-dojo". Also, you can try a free practice before you commit.

Concord TKD is a first rate Martial Arts school. Of you are willing to work for each belt you will have earned it with a sense of pride. The instructors teach serious martial arts, but still manage to make it very fun! Mr. Baxter has devoted himself to being the best Master instructor he can be. High standards and integrity are the norm. I earned my black belt there and made the school an integral part of raising my kids and it has carried them well into adulthood.

My daughter has learned so much here. She enjoys taekwondo and looks forward to going to learn. She has made wonderful friends too. And the instructors work hard with the students to make sure they learn their forms the correct way. Everyone is really friendly.

My 6 year old son has been going here for a month and loves it. Something about Taekwondo brings out discipline and coordination from him that I didn't know was there. One thing to note: the level of difficulty on the adult classes is quite a bit higher (I don't know why that surprised me), so if you go to those, be ready for a more demanding experience. Still very enjoyable, but prepare to sweat.

Best place for youngsters to learn disepline and respect as well as self defense skill.

My daughter started there first a little over 3 years ago, she has been very successful in her journey thanks to great instructors who take the time with kids to help them get over hurdles they may face on their journey. The classes at Concord TKD helped her improve her fitness level and it has also helped her in other activities as well. She is more focused due to TKD. My husband and I started attended class as well after a free trial class. It is something we can all do together and helps our family remain active. Concord TKD students are successful at regional and national tournaments due to the high level instruction we receive in class.

Great team of instructors, really care about the students no matter of age, or gender. They definitely respect the traditions of taekwondo.

My son signed up 4 months ago and absolutely loves it! Mr. B and staff are phenomenal!

Great experience

What an awesome experience!! Top shelf instructors with the skills and knowledge to take your body to the next level. It’s a beneficial and educational environment for men and women and children to grow mentally and physically!! Highly recommended.

Love Concord Taekwondo. I've been a student here for over a decade from my adolescence to adulthood. Mr. Baxter has taught me lessons that has gone beyond the workout floor. A great place for children and adults as well. Recommend anyone to go.

My daughter has been here for 3 years and has grown so much. She was very shy and timid and Mr. Baxter’s school , instructors and students have all helped her become a confident young woman!

Awesome Instructors!! The whole family attends CTA and we have learned so much.

Excellent people and environment. Everyone is very friendly and are very effective at teaching. My son loves to go to class and learn!

Super friendly. Works very well with children and special needs. Amazing staff.

Attending as an adult. The teachers are attentive and patient. They care just as much about learning the art themselves as they do about teaching you. Highly recommended.

Great way to get fit and learn new skills! Also builds confidence and character.

Concord Taekwondo America is bar none the best Dojo. My grandson started classes in late December. His statement to me on February 1, 2016 was how much he enjoyed going to these classes. He stated to me that since he began the classes his temper was not as bad and he did not feel as angry. Taekwondo in itself is excellent. When Taekwondo is married up to a more than superb Dojo Master, Master Baxter, and exceptional Instructor's it is a win/win for any student. My grandson is learning more than martial arts as he is progressively overcoming inward issues. Thank you Master Baxter and your entire staff for pouring yourself into your students. What my grandson is learning he will carry through out his entire life. Anyone considering a Dojo will not make a mistake by enrolling at Concord Taekwondo America!! I salute Concord Taekwondo America!! Elaine M Simpson

The entire staff, students and parents have made our transition from Chicago a very welcoming experience. We are glad to be a part of the family!

The school is always buzzing with positivity. From the moment you're greeted at the door to the moment you leave. You can hold your head up high when you tell others you go here. You learn something new about yourself and what you're capable of every day.

Amazing place. Mr. Baxter and his team care about what they do and it shows how much they care about the kids. My kids are happy coming here and so am I.

It is amazing there that is whereI go

It’s been a fun experience so far. Able to learn in a supportive environment.