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Give your preschooler a head-start in school with taekwondo

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Just like you, every parent wants their child to do well in school.

but many kids have a tough time staying focused when they start kindergarten. Some have trouble sitting still and controlling their impulses. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Your child can get a head-start in kindergarten by developing their focus through preschool martial arts. Discipline is at the heart of what they’ll learn in taekwondo. In our preschool martial arts classes, students are rewarded for showing self-control and good behavior, making it fun while they practice their focus.

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Sharpen their focus

How many times do you have to repeat yourself before they listen? Taekwondo will sharpen their focus and discipline so they can become a star student in the classroom and a better listener at home.

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Unleash their confidence

Say goodbye to shy. They’ll have an easier time making friends and feel more sure of themselves as they boost their confidence and self-esteem through Taekwondo.

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An outlet for energy

We know kids have a lot of energy. Taekwondo is a great outlet for all that energy so they aren’t running wild at school or at home. They’ll exercise their minds and bodies every time they’re in class.

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We enrolled our son so he would gain self confidence and learn to protect himself. He loves Taekwondo!

Marie Brown

All of the instructors take a lot of patience and time to ensure the little ones have a good class each week. I’ve recommended Concord Taekwondo to several other parents.

Penny M.

So far this is an amazing school. I now see the difference between a good martial arts school and a not so good one.

Michelle P.

Develop your preschooler’s coordination!

Taekwondo is great for developing your preschooler’s motor skills


  • Balancing on one foot

  • Jumping over obstacles

  • Sprinting short distances

  • Developing hand/eye coordination

Most preschoolers are just starting to develop their gross motor skills as they approach kindergarten. These skills are important for them as they continue to grow. Your child will get to work on these skills every time they’re in class while also having fun.

Starting preschool martial arts is one of the best ways for them to develop and improve these skills before they enter kindergarten.

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Will your preschooler be ready for kindergarten?

It takes time to become a master of self-control, especially as a preschooler.

Don’t put it off any longer.

Give them the practice they need to become a superstar in the classroom and a better listener at home.

Sign them up for preschool martial arts to develop their focus, confidence, and coordination!

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