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Concord Taekwondo America

martial arts school in Concord, NC

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What do we do?

We build leaders with..






Self Defense

You have our full attention

We’re a full time martial arts school

Taekwondo has been our full time job since we opened in the summer of 1995. We’ve grown a lot in the following two decades. And have been changing lives through martial arts ever since.

Our school has over 160 students and we have classes every single weekday, and on Saturday too! We couldn’t be more proud of the work that we do. And just like you, we are always trying to improve and grow a little bit each and every day.

We’re in Concord

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2353 Concord Lake Rd, Concord, NC

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Our core values

At the core of everything we teach here at Concord Taekwondo America, these tenets of taekwondo are in the spotlight.

We recite these tenets at the beginning of every single class. Students are expected to demonstrate them wherever they go – during class, in school, and at home.

Tenets of Taekwondo





Indomitable Spirit

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It’s important for you to choose the right martial arts school for you and your family. That’s why we want you to come in and try a class completely free. Test us out and make sure you’ll feel at home with us.

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Master Taekwondo Instructor, Sean Baxter

Meet our chief instructor

Sean Baxter

“I couldn’t be more proud to be chief instructor and owner of Concord Taekwondo America.  We’ve been changing lives with Taekwondo for over 25 years. With many more years ahead of us, I can say it has been a truly grand experience. And one I wouldn’t trade for anything.”

A little about me…

I started martial arts in 1984, the same year The Karate Kid was released in theaters.  11 years later, I founded Concord Taekwondo America.  In the past 25 years we have taught over 2,500 students.  I currently hold the rank of 7th degree black belt with Taekwondo America.

I’m a Certified NRA Pistol and NC DOJ Concealed Carry Instructor. Also, I have an affinity for woodworking.  In college I studied computer science, and spent many years in the IT industry.  In my younger years, I served in the US Army as a 11B rifleman and anti-armor specialist in the 113th Mechanized Infantry Company at Fort Dix.

“It’s not the years of training that define us, but the minds we help guide that make us who we are”

Meet the Concord Taekwondo team

we’re here to help you succeed!

Jonathan Moyes, Instructor at Concord Taekwondo America
Leo Rivas Montoya
3rd Degree Black Belt
Tom Heafey, Instructor at Concord Taekwondo America
Kori Chitty
3rd Degree Black Belt
Jennifer Foster, Instructor at Concord Taekwondo America
Jennifer Foster
3rd Degree Black Belt
Jonah Santos
Jonah Santos
2nd Degree Black Belt
Taekwondo Instructor Ashley Montoya on grey background
Keenya Western
2nd Degree Black Belt
Ashley Montoya, Instructor at Concord Taekwondo America
Evelin Bermudez Villa
2nd Degree Black Belt
Jonah Santos
Eric Bermudez Villa
2nd Degree Black Belt

Proud member of Taekwondo America

We are one of over 40 Taekwondo America schools across the country. Each school is independently owned and operates following the same guidelines of excellence.

We’re a community of real people – passionate Taekwondo school owners and students who all love martial arts as much as we do.

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Taekwondo Classes

Every parent wants their child to do well when they start school. Taekwondo can give them the boost in focus they need to be a star student.


Taekwondo Classes

Shy kid with low self-esteem? Taekwondo can help them unleash their confidence and give them the skills to become a strong leader.


Taekwondo Classes

Stay healthy and stay safe. Learn how to protect yourself with martial arts, and discover the motivation to become healthier and happier.