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Taekwondo Classes

Every parent wants their child to do well when they start school. Taekwondo can give them the boost in focus they need to be a star student.


Taekwondo Classes

Shy kid with low self-esteem? Taekwondo can help them unleash their confidence and give them the skills to become a strong leader.


Taekwondo Classes

Stay healthy and stay safe. Learn how to protect yourself with martial arts, and discover the motivation to become healthier and happier.

We don’t just train martial artists

We build champions

and YOU can be one too


We help people who are looking to get more out of life. We want to help you get in shape, feel more confident in life, and learn how to protect yourself.

Martial arts has been helping people improve their lives for hundreds of years. Start your taekwondo training today and develop your leadership skills through martial arts.


There’s already a champion within you.

and it’s our mission to help you uncover it.

What can you achieve with Taekwondo?

martial arts in Concord, NC

Learn Self-Defense

Get in Shape

Gain Confidence

Develop Focus

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No prior skills or experience needed!

You can be amazing at any age and any fitness level

Think you are too old, too out of shape, or too clumsy to start Taekwondo?

You’re in for a pleasant surprise! It doesn’t matter what kind of skills or experience you currently have, you’ll take things step by step, at your own pace. And you’ll have instructors with you every step of the way, trained to make sure you grow and succeed.

It was a lot easier to do than I thought because it’s about progression. We push a little harder each class, each stripe, each belt. Little victories that lead to big accomplishments.

Daria Milburn

I highly recommend Concord Taekwondo America. My daughter loves going and has learned so much. We have made a lot of great friends.

Ivette Blackwelder

We were worried about being able to afford it, but we found the price is very reasonable, and we definitely think it’s worth it.

Erika Brande

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Be Healthy

We’ll help keep you motivated to make a stronger, healthier you

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Feel Confident

Boost your confidence and feel better, with less stress and more success

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Be fearless

Have peace of mind knowing how to protect yourself from danger

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Martial arts in Concord, NC