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Student Handbook

The Student Handbook is a reference guide to many of the commonly asked questions about classes, testing, events, and school policies.

While the handbook is a great tool for reference, know that the instructors and staff are always happy to help answer any questions you may have about the school or Taekwondo.

Download the Student Handbook

Little Samurai Handbook

The Little Samurai handbook contains much of the same basic information found in the Student Handbook above, while also highlighting information specific to the Little Samurai class.

Download the Little Samurai Handbook

Logbook Sheet

Instructors will sign for stripes in the student’s logbook, where the student can also keep track of class attendance, event attendance, and their current rank information.

Students are expected bring their logbooks to class each and every time they attend. Students are also expected to have the stripe requirements filled out in their logbooks prior to testing for stripes. On the backside of the Logbook sheet, Instructors may leave feedback on the progress of the student for parents to view.


A new logbook sheet will need to be placed in the logbook at the beginning of each cycle.


Download Logbook Sheet

Stripe Testing

Students earn stripes in class for achieving a short-term goal. Earning stripes also help break up the curriculum requirements for advancement from one belt to the next. In order to be eligible to test for their next belt, students must earn all of the required stripes for their current rank.

Each belt has a different set of requirements for stripe testing. Click the link below to download a list of all stripe requirements listed by rank.


Download Stripe Requirements

Sparring Gear

Sparring is an integral part of Taekwondo. When students reach the rank of Orange belt, they will begin learning sparring combinations. Students will wear the sparring gear to become more comfortable moving around in it while learning offensive and defensive maneuvers. This is the first time contact is allowed.

At Green belt, students will begin Free Sparring. Students are taught to use control during sparring; using only light contact to the head and medium contact to the body. Students may only make contact on the front of the body – above the belt, and to the head (Not to the Face, Legs, or Back).

No Sparring is ever allowed without a complete set of Taekwondo America approved sparring gear. All our sparring gear has been co-branded to ensure that it meets our standards for safety and uniformity.

Board Breaking

Students that are Brown Belt and above will be required to perform Board Breaking as a part of their Testing. The boards used are plastic “Re-Breakable” Boards, the difficulty of the board represented by its color.

Students are encouraged to begin practicing board breaking before they reach Brown Belt, to start preparing for that ability and practice for the optional Board Breaking Challenge at Tournaments.  The Board Breaking Challenge is open to Green Belts and above.

Click below to download the list of board breaking techniques and board color requirements for each rank and age.


Download Board Breaking Requirements

Our uniform is a white, traditional martial arts uniform. Students have the option of wearing a Taekwondo T-shirt to class, which can be purchased at the Pro-Shop, or at Tournaments and Camps. Only official Taekwondo America T-Shirts may be worn to class. These shirts include any shirt purchased at the school’s pro shop, as well as shirts from Taekwondo America Events, such as Tournaments, Camps, and Conferences.


Many students also choose to purchase a pair of our red or blue taekwondo pants to wear during class, in order to keep their white pants bright and clean.

Full white uniforms with appropriate patches are required to be worn at formal events such as Promotional Testings, Award Ceremonies, and Tournaments.

Testing Requirements

Every cycle (2 months) a Rank Testing is held for eligible students to test for their next belt rank.

The instructors will evaluate the skills of the student, taking into account expectations based on rank, age, and physical ability. Requirements to pass testing will increase in difficulty as the student progresses in rank.

To advance in rank, students will need a passing grade in ALL of the following areas of testing:


Forms One-Steps / Sparring Board Breaking
(Brown Belt and Above)


Students who pass testing are awarded their next Belt and Rank Certificate at the Award Ceremony on the Wednesday following Testing.

If a student does not pass testing and receives a “No Change,” the next testing fee is waived.

If a student has a conflict with the date of Testing, he/she may schedule to “Pre-Test” in class, prior to Testing. This is only an option up to the rank of Senior Blue and is only permitted twice.

Brown belts and above who cannot make the local Testing have the option to travel to another Taekwondo America school and participate in their Testing. Students who wish to consider this option should plan this with one of the staff members well in advance of the Testing.


Download Rank Testing Requirments

School Policies
  1. Be on time for class. Parents should promptly pick up children at the end of class time.
  2. Children should not be left in the Taekwondo school unattended.
  3. Keep the noise level low in the lobby and other areas of the school.
  4. No food or drink, other than bottled water, is allowed on the workout floor.
  5. Do not sit or stand in the doorways or hallway areas.
  6. Only students and instructors are allowed on the workout floor.
  7. Please do not interrupt the instructor once the class has begun.
  8. Please do not distract students in the class from the half wall or lobby area.
  9. Concord Taekwondo America is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  10. The door to the “Kids room/Playroom” should remain open any time the room is occupied.
  11. Personal items and locks, should not be left in or on lockers overnight without prior permission from a staff member.
  12. Personal hygiene sufficient to preserve modesty, health, and safety is required of all students.
  13. For safety reasons, no jewelry, except for wedding bands, are to be worn by students in the class.
  14. The school may be closed for promotional Testing, Tournaments, camps, and other special activities, which will be planned at least two months in advance.
  15. For the health and safety of others, students who are sick should not come to class.
  16. The Taekwondo School is a place for Positive actions and communication. If you have concerns or problems about any part of the Taekwondo Program, please speak with the Chief Instructor at the appropriate time. Negative comments and gossip are destructive and are cause for membership cancellation.


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