At Concord TaeKwonDo America, we have been building students and leaders since 1995... with individual classes for children and adults, and a staff dedicated to achieving students' goals!  Our instructors are continually re-certified with the latest teaching techniques in cardiovascular and martial arts.  Below are a just a few of the comments that we have received over the years.


"My daughter started there the end of November with just the trial classes to see if she liked it, well she loves it, so we continued our membership. The staff is super friendly and makes an effort to treat each student accordingly. The staff is also very friendly to the parents as well. She has learned so much in the short period we have been there, and we are excited to continue!"

Lindsey H., Parent at Concord Taekwondo America


"Concord Taekwondo America is bar none the best Dojo. My grandson started classes in late December. His statement to me on February 1, 2016 was how much he enjoyed going to these classes. He stated to me that since he began the classes his temper was not as bad and he did not feel as angry. Taekwondo in itself is excellent. When Taekwondo is married up to a more than superb Dojo Master, Master Baxter, and exceptional instructors it is a win/win for any student. My grandson is learning more than martial arts as he is progressively overcoming inward issues. Thank you Master Baxter and your entire staff for pouring yourself into your students. What my grandson is learning he will carry through out his entire life. Anyone considering a Dojo will not make a mistake by enrolling at Concord Taekwondo America!! I salute Concord Taekwondo America!!"

Elaine S., Parent at Concord Taekwondo America


"We started TaeKwonDo as a family in 2003. I currently take class with both my daughter Jacque, and my son Joseph. We have all achieved the rank of black belt. This is an accomplishment that we share as a family, it has given us a great foundation of mutual respect, understanding and friendship. I must recommend this experience to any parent looking for a great relationship with their child, or children. "

David F., Parent and student at Concord Taekwondo America


"Since Jeremy started at Concord Taekwondo in April of 2005, his all around behavior,self-control and level of concentration have improved 10 fold! Jeremy had been diagnosed with ADHD and due to the all-around positive training he has received at Concord Taekwondo, he is a different child and free of any ADHD medication! I am proud that my 12 year old son is instructed with kindness and respect in a great organization! "

Debbie S., Parent


"I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how pleased our family has been with our experience at Concord TaeKwonDo America.

After beginning our Taekwondo studies at another studio in the area, we felt our sons needed the more disciplined environment your school offered. Both Jacob and Matthew also felt they needed a TKD school that would challenge them to improve not only their forms, but also their sparring abilities. After our first few minutes in your school, we all knew we had found a new TKD home.

We’ve been impressed with the level of knowledge of all of the instructors in your school, and they have done a wonderful job helping both Jacob and Matthew pursue their goals in participating in Taekwondo.

"Thank you again for a great experience. Needless to say, we’ve already recommended your school to our friends who might be interested in beginning Taekwondo, and we will definitely continue to do so."

Jeff and Lynne B., parents at Concord Taekwondo


"The FAST self defense course was a completely positive experience for me. I am a pretty passive person when it comes to arguments, so I was intimidated by and fearful of the possibility of an attack. Because of my avoidance and even fear of confrontation, I had my doubts about the nature and effectiveness of the course before I arrived on Monday. Those doubts and fears didn't last long! Because of the atmosphere of positive reinforcement you helped create and emphasize, the training did not seem quite as emotionally taxing as it otherwise may have. By the end of the first day, I was prepared for the necessary verbal abuse of the following day. Because of the FAST self defense course, I feel empowered to protect myself if the need arises. Everyone should take the course! You and your helpers did a wonderful job."

Rachel M. - Self defense student


"I have known Mr. Baxter since 1999 as an Instructor and School Owner in the Taekwondo America organization. He has instructed my son and myself and has proven to be a competent, talented and hard working martial artist and role model.  I have seen him in the many different capacities that a small business owner must undertake to be successful."

"I have always been impressed by Mr. Baxter’s ability to balance the demands of students, parents, events, his superiors in Taekwondo and deliver a product that works to everyone’s advantage. I can highly recommend him in any capacity where he can spread his excitement and devotion to Taekwondo to others. And knowing Mr. Baxter, he will not disappoint and will exceed your expectations."

"As the parent of a Taekwondo student and as a practitioner myself, I can not say enough for this wonderful sport as a tool for building character, confidence and physical fitness."

Joseph D. - Black Belt student and father of another black belt student


"Thank you so much for the opportunity to learn how to defend myself and to gain a feeling of accomplishment. I highly recommend your Self Defense class for every adult - young & old. I didn’t realize it would be fun, as well as rewarding."

"If I had only known these techniques before I could have saved myself from being a victim. I’m definitely ready for the next time. Hopefully it never will happen again, but if it does I will know exactly what to do! "

"I can’t wait to take FAST  Defense - part two!!! "

Kathy C. - FAST Defense student


"I just wanted to send an email to let you know just "how far" Grant has came since starting TKD. Several moms have commented on his self confidence and his disposition. Grant is very shy and can be timid in many situation. And until just recently he had a hard time looking adults in the eye and even carrying on conversations with them. However, lately he has became much more self assured and is more outgoing. In fact, Arlene Ireland and Gina Lowery are both friends of ours and because of the change in his demeanor they have decided to start their boys in the training of martial arts."

"I just want to "thank you" for working with Grant and for "helping" to bring out the beautiful boy that he is! "

Sandy C. M. - Parent of student


"I wanted to take this opportunity to express some of my initial thoughts about your TaeKwonDo program and training regimen. "

"In regards to football, as a coach at the high school level and former collegiate player I am amazed at how well the most basic elements of TaeKwonDo carry over to the development of some of the most important fundamentals to any participant in the sport. Balance, speed, strength, and focus are just a few of the fundamentals so critical in the game of football that TaeKwonDo works to develop from day one. I honestly believe you would be hard pressed to find a better non-traditional form of off-season training to supplement traditional weight training and agility development than TaeKwonDo."

"Secondly, as the father of children just beginning their involvement in organized athletics, I am also very impressed with what your program strives to achieve. All of the physical attributes stressed in the art of TaeKwonDo but, equally important is the confidence and task oriented learning that will be critical in both their academic and athletic endeavors in the years to come. "

"Finally, I am thrilled to find a sport that I can participate in directly with my own kids. Any opportunity to really share an interest so beneficial to both of us is truly unique and to top it all off I am actually getting in better shape."

Steve S.
Offensive Line Coach - Jay M Robinson High School
Father of three and TaeKwonDo Black Belt Student