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What Are Other Moms Saying?

You Can Succeed at Taekwondo!

I have always wanted to do a martial art but when my husband signed me up at Concord Taekwondo as a surprise, I wasn’t sure about it.

Once I started classes, got to know other students & enjoyed the friendly, family atmosphere I knew I had found my place! The instructors do a great job of helping us learn and achieve our goals.

Now my husband and son have joined & we love experiencing this journey together.

Would I recommend taekwondo to other mothers?  Absolutely!

It doesn’t matter what kind of skill or knowledge you currently have, you can succeed at Taekwondo! Michelle Mikoski

Mom, Concord Taekwondo Student

Highly Recommended!

I started my six-year-old son in Taekwondo last November. And I started in January. We absolutely love Taekwondo! It’s extremely addicting and rewarding! Working with all the instructors who are absolutely amazing!!

Not only are they teaching us Taekwondo moves they are caring and take responsibility for our families in class. We look forward to going to class every chance we can.

I wish they had Taekwondo in the schools because not only are you learning your forms, your children are taught respect for others/manners and that goes a long way these days. Highly recommended!!! Christy Brown

Mom, Concord Taekwondo Student

It’s not a huge time commitment!

I am a little out of shape after 2 kids and have very little spare time, so I wasn’t sure this was something I could do logistically and was hesitant about the physical piece as well.

It was a lot easier to do than I thought because it’s about progression. We push a little harder each class, each stripe, each belt.

Little victories that lead to big accomplishments.

It’s a good workout. I can take it as far as I want.

And It’s not a huge time commitment. Daria Milburn

Mom, Concord Taekwondo Student

You’ll Look Good and Feel Good!

Beauty of Body

Achieve the body of your dreams with the help of our Instructors. Develop the body you want without the fear of bulking up with unwanted muscle mass. You’ll build core muscle tone and lose weight with our cardio and toning exercises.

Feel Confident

Remember that confidence comes from within. Through Taekwondo you will develop your inner strength and feel your confidence grow. Confidence at home, confidence at work, and a feeling that anything is possible!

Feel Safe

Feel safe when you’re out alone. Develop your self-defense skills in class. And learn crucial skills to protect yourself. No more frightful walks through the dark parking lot when you have the peace of mind and training of Taekwondo.

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About Us

High Quality & Family Focused Taekwondo

Concord Taekwondo America

We have over 20 years experience helping people like you grow and challenge themselves to be excellent. Your personal growth is our passion. And our Instructor team is dedicated to you and your success in Taekwondo. It’s no surprise many of our students have been training with us for years, and some so long that their kids have grown up to become students with us too!

“The fall of 2014 marked my 30th year in martial arts. It has been a truly grand experience for me and one that has enriched my life for decades. Someone once said, ‘Do not ask for an easier life, ask for the strength to endure the one you have.’ It has been a life I wouldn’t trade for anything.”

Sean Baxter, Chief Instructor & School Owner


Experience The Best of Taekwondo


After each class, feel that post-workout re-energized feeling and boost of confidence. You’ll always leave class with a great positive feeling.

Strength Building

Build some muscle tone and lose weight with both cardio and muscle toning exercises. You’ll develop your core and upper body strength.

Stress Relief

There’s just something about punching and kicking that makes it impossible to stay stressed. You’ll naturally reduce stress through the physical activity of Taekwondo.

Relax & Refresh

More than just learning to kick and punch, you’ll make friends and build close bonds. Making each class a fun, refreshing time as you train.

Beauty of Body

Develop the body you want without the fear of bulking up with unwanted muscle mass. Achieve the body of your dreams.

Mind & Soul

Taekwondo is great for the mind as much as it is for the body. You’ll work on controlling your breathing, a great exercise for meditation.

Expert Instructors

Meet Some of Our Team

Kori Chitty

Kori Chitty


I started Taekwondo in 2010 after they visited my school, and from then on I loved it! Before I started taekwondo I was quiet and kept to myself. Since then, Taekwondo has helped me open up as a person. Once I started helping children in the class, I knew I wanted to become an instructor. And it’s because of Taekwondo that I’m currently going to school to become an elementary school teacher. 

Jennifer Foster

Jennifer Foster

Program Director / Instructor

I was interested in Taekwondo from a young age but didn’t finally take my first class until I was in my 30’s. I needed the exercise but I didn’t do well in gyms, wandering around not knowing how to use the machines. So after starting Taekwondo, I ended up loving it! The instructors always encouraged me and helped to bring out my best. Now after 14 years of training and becoming an instructor, I just can’t imagine my life without Taekwondo.

Jonathan Moyes

Jonathan Moyes


A parent that didn’t quit. A student that likes a varied workout, with never-ending challenges and an opportunity for continuous improvement. An instructor that wants to give back to the school and help others the way I was helped. My favorite part of instructing is working with the older students to achieve something they knew was “impossible”.

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