For thousands of years martial arts has been associatied with personal growth and inspiration. Read some of the inspirational stories from our Taekwondo school, and others alike, about the obstacles our students have faced and how they worked hard to overcome them and acheive their goals!

The Journey

Mr. Sean Baxter awarded 7th Degree Black Belt   Karate Kid came to the neighborhood theaters the summer Mr. Baxter turned 18. After a childhood of wielding homemade bo-staffs with friends inspired by Black Belt Theater and Kung Fu, he and one of those friends were...

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“Are you still proud of me?”

(Reposted from Master Perdue of Westerville OH) “Tori Perdue! Third attempt, sir!”, the judge yelled. For me, the testing stopped and the world started to move in slow motion. I may be the chief instructor and I may have to run the testing, but first and foremost I am...

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Learning to breathe

“Just relax”, I told myself. That’s easier said than done for a teenager. My turn wasn’t up yet; I was seated on the floor but I was nervous; watching the others only added to the tension I was already feeling. “You can do this”, the hand on my shoulder seemed to say....

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