In autumn of 1995, Concord Taekwondo opened its doors and began teaching martial arts under the leadership of Instructor Sean Baxter. Our mission, helping people achieve their fitness and personal growth goals through martial arts. Empowering them to attain everything they strive for. Now after over 20 years, with the dedication of its students and instructors, Concord Taekwondo has become the oldest, premiere martial arts school in the area.

The Concord school serves students from Concord, Kannapolis, Harrisburg, Cabarrus County, Rockwell, Charlotte and surrounding areas.

Chief Instructor/School Owner of Concord Taekwondo

US Army Veteran & Firearms Instructor

“The fall of 2014 marked my 30th year in martial arts.  Over 20 of those years were spent as owner and operator of Concord Taekwondo America.  It has been a truly grand experience for me and one that has enriched my life for decades.  Someone once said, “Do not ask for an easier life, ask for the strength to endure the one you have.”  It has been a journey fraught with many challenges; more so than anything else I’ve done in life.  It has created some of my best experiences, it has shown me the best in people, and it has given me a quite a few people I now call my closest of friends.”

“Over the course of 20 years, I have had the honor and privilege of instructing over 2,000 students.  Over 250 have achieved Black Belt.  Many of those have had the fortitude to achieve high rank in Taekwondo America.  Some became instructors; and a small few went on to make teaching Taekwondo their livelihood.  It has been a life I wouldn’t trade for anything.”


We believe achieving student goals is the key to a successful school. We start with high quality instruction, then train our staff in excellent customer service. The result is a pleasant learning experience for every student at our school. We offer the best martial arts instruction in the area, creating some of the best martial artists. Time and time again, we are told by the families of our students how much improvement they have seen in our students in and out of class.

Anthony Moore

Jennifer Foster

Josh DeBerardinis

Jeff Hoffman

Tim Helms

Andre Cottrell

Leo Rivas-Montoya

Miranda Shiwnandan

Ashley Montoya

Kori Chitty

Hayden Casterlin


Our school is one of the largest in North Carolina, including a vast training space, multiple workout floors, and spacious locker rooms. Relax before and after class in our lobby, and browse new equipment at the pro shop. Always greeted with a smile when you walk through the door, you’ll feel right at home. Our staff is courteous and always willing to offer support whenever possible. We are committed to helping you achieve your goals!